Anyone tried react-native-meteor with expo?

I’m about to embark down this road and wondering if there’s anything to look out for…

What about Meteor Client Bundler from @Urigo?


Definitely! I’ve been using react-native-meteor just because I know how to hook it up and didn’t see an example app for MCB+RN yet. It looks like they’re generally the same? They let you connect to a websocket and have some meteor helpers. It seems maybe MCB is the longer-term solution. It’d be nice to see an MCB+Redux+RN example app.

MCB doesn’t work on React Native due to the missing DOM , and I don’t think that this will work in the near future.

Issue @


They aim the same goal: decouple Meteor’s client and server sides.

But the difference is that:

  • react-native-meteor is a rewrite of Meteor’s client APIs delivered within a custom DDP client.
  • MCB is the actual Meteor’s client core bundled into a single JS file.

Unfortunately, as mentioned by @XTA, it seams that the Meteor’s client core code has a deep depency in DOM’s document which breaks on non-DOM environments like native apps.

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That’s kind of a bummer but react-native-meteor works fine for my needs so far.

Yeah, but I was “shocked” that they don’t use the “real” Tracker/Minimongo environment. The issue about it is hidden, but IMHO it is important to know that there is a huge different between the common behavior in a Meteor environment which could cause performance issues -> GitHub Issue

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I’m building an app with react-native-meteor and Expo right now. Everything works fine just as with a regular React Native app.


can you share what you do? i am very new to react native and would like to start with it

This article by @spencercarli is a good starting point. He also has many other articles on React Native + Meteor.
Edit: linked wrong website.

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UPDATE: MCB now works with React Native!

So you can use the “real” tracker and minimongo in your React Native app.

You can checkout a boilerplate example here
and the docs here