Anyone tried using nimble:restivus lately?

I have been using it previously with old projects, but now when I start new ones I cannot add it. Guess that is a warning for my old projects.
I have done meteor npm install, installed bcrypt and so on, tried older versions of bcrypt…
I just get “While loading package npm-bcrypt@0.7.8_2:” whatever I do.

I’m really losing faith in Meteor, it used just work but the last few projects I’ve started have been mostly headache

have you tried meteor update --all-packages first?

I did clean installs, just:

meteor create proj
meteor npm install
(tried with and without) meteor npm install --save bcrypt 
meteor add nimble:restivus

I found that that restivus tried and failed to install bcrypt@0.7.2, so I tried to install that version manually and found that that failed as well.

Eventually I made a local copy of the restivus package to try to find why, which package trying to install bcrypt@0.7.2

Guilty was this line in package.js:

When I removed the version constraint, restivus was added properly
If it leads to side effects remains to be seen.

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Interesting. I wasn’t aware it has a dependency on accounts:password.

Have you looked at alternatives: simple:rest or centiq:crud?

Yes, but restivus would suit me better. I think :slight_smile:
It has served me well before.