Anyone use Electrify for packaging Meteor app for Remote server?


I’ve been looking at Electron and it’s pretty awesome, and have found a couple of integrations with Meteor. The easiest for me thus far is Electrify, and it’s pretty straight forward.

Github link:

Atmosphere Link:

I seem to be stuck, as I can make it work for a localhost instance of meteor, but can’t figure out how to package the app in a way that will let the electron app run locally while accessing the remote meteor server.

I can do this with just Electron, and point it to the meteor remote URL, but in that case don’t see a way to pass events in meteor to the Electron shell. I was hoping Electrify would solve this, but in the way it’s packaged, i’m not seeing how to get the built app to point to a remote server running the Meteor server.

Perhaps its something I’m missing in how to build out meteor as a client vs. server separated app…but from what I’ve understood this isn’t how meteor works.

Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated.