Anyone used react-native-meteor with Apollo client?

NPM Meteor RN package:

I’m specifically interested in integrating the login with Apollo Meteor login. Going to play around with it tomorrow, but interested if anyone has already done this integration?

I have not, but i am deeply interested in your results.
I build an iOS/android app with react-native-meteor and was not really satisfied with login reactivity.
Apollo might be a way to change that.

If you can sum up what you have leant, it is awesome !

I’m playing with it now. Will let you know. I still plan to use the react-native-meteor login system that is currently in place, and just take the token from async storage.

But I agree, that rn-meteor does have some reactivity issues it seems.

Especially after login.

Basic working Gist here. See comments at the bottom:

When this fully works would be good to turn it into a package.