Anyone using ATOM-editor here? How to get "jump-to-definition/reference" working?

Hi guys,

I just made my move from sublime to atom and I need to say: so far I love it and it looks promising. :smile:

For some reason I can NOT get “jump-to-definition” to work, which I tried to get with the “js-hyperclick”-plugin ( ).
I opened an issue here:

Now I am wondering: does anyone have this running will with atom? Or is there a better alternative that you use?
Being able to jump to the code between files would be such a timesaver!

I recently found

It allows to import file automatically and can also jump to import (with a short-cut (cmd+shift+k).

It’s suprisingly the first one of all the js-import-plugins that works flawelessly so far for me, despite its low download-number…

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