Anyone using CSS-in-JS?


I recently got turned on to CSS-in-JS for use in my React frontend Meteor app after hating the idea for a while. Currently, just using the oldie but goodie styled-components, however since I started with it a month ago everything just works “out of the box” and is a real joy to use.

I know there have been similar talks on this topic such as in this thread, but I have also read some misinformation regarding CSS-in-JS, such as the fact that you cannot use media queries or pseudo-selectors, which in a lot of cases is completely false. Some libraries even have specialized features, such as server side rendering of the stylesheets.

This is a pretty comprehensive look at the different libraries available, and while I have only the experience with the one library, I am just curious what libraries any of you are using with Meteor, as well as any little known features/bugs that would make one library a much better (or worse) choice than another specifically for use in Meteor. Thanks guys.


I just started looking at this, because Material-UI v2 is using CSS-in-JS. Here’s a list of the libraries they are supporting:

Since I’m using Material-UI, I would probably use on of these for my app.