Anyone using DigitalOceans mongo-1click installation as db-server?

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone here is using DigitalOceans “mongo-1click”-droplet as a database server?

I am in need of a very cheap database provider for a playground project, struggeling with MUP right now and thinking about deploying the app to heroku in combination with a cheap mongo-provider (OR maybe DigitalOceans “mongo-1click”-droplet)…

Any advice?

mlab has a free tier. I’ve used it for small projects.

@maxhodges have you had a chance to compare its performace to atlas free tier?

nope. probably best for you to do that yourself, if it’s important to you. Everyone’s app is different when it comes to how it uses a database.

We are using DigitalOceans “mongo-1click”-droplet as a database server. This server is accessed by app server using private ip. It is working very well. The database backup is done to spaces.

Is there a tutorial to follow on how to set it up for meteor and connect it to your app?

There is nothing special you need to do other than pointing “MONGO_URL” to your MongoDB server on your app server. Of course you need to make sure the ports are open/close and you have secured your mongodb server - either by setting necessary authentication or only allowing request from certain IPs. If you are setting up on DO, then there are excellent articles for setup and how to secure the MongoDB server.