Anyone using Quasar+Meteor in 2022?

Is there anyone in this community still using the Vue-based Quasar front-end framework together with Meteor in both the front-end (minimongo and meteor subscriptions) and the back-end (meteor collections and publications).

I am asking because I have found two Quasar-Meteor startup kits which both seem obsoletes:

  1. One GitHub - quasarframework/quasar-template-meteor: Quasar Starter Kit for Meteor based on quite old version of both frameworks:
  • 1.15.16 for Quasar which current version is 2.7.4
  • 2.2 for Meteor which current version is 2.7.3
  1. One GitHub - alexandesigner/quasar-meteor: ❄️ A Quasar + Meteor starter kit based on:
  • a more recent version of Quasar 2.4.3
  • but an even more ancient version of Meteor 1.8.1
  • the Meteor Client Bundler that has not been updated since August 2020 and relies on deprecated core-js@2.6.12 npm package.

I think both Quasar and Meteor are great but it seems quite difficult to make them work together using recent versions of both. Any help much appreciated.

If the Meteor Client Bundler package was updated and working, we could connect with any frontend framework, including Quasar.
I’m doing some research on MCB but the progress is slow, so not sure when it will be finished the update.

I also tried to run MCB with older versions but no luck until now :confused:

Indeed! It seems to me that it is the approach with the highest potential ROI.

Well, thanks a lot for trying! I hope you will succeed.

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