Anyone want to help make a meteor-ready, minimal nodejs Docker image?

I’d be really interested to work on creating a minimal Docker image based on eg. alpine-nodejs that could be used in a CI/CD pipeline for meteor apps.

The idea basically that, unlike meteord or meteor tupperware, the app gets bundled in a separate step and the Docker image is then used rather as a base for running the resulting nodejs app.

After tinkering over the weekend, I was able to hack a fork of alpine-nodejs (node ver 0.10.40) to work with node-fibers already pre-installed and an image size of only 30Mb, and around 36Mb with a non-trivial meteor app installed on it.

There were however some problems with running the bundled meteor app which I wasn’t able to get through…

I think this might be something useful for the community, and I’d be willing to do a large part of the work if some people more expert than I were willing to advise a bit.

Cheers in advance and a good day to all !

I’m currently working on a minimalist docker image as well. I tried Alpine, but ran into problems with fibers and put my work on the shelf.

Did you manage to resolve the issues?
Is your alpine fork available anywhere?

I successfully used buildroot to create a 20mb docker container that runs meteor apps. For more info, take a look at the following repo