API endpoints in Meteor - will high user traffic bog down the server?


I’m using meteorhacks:picker to handle Stripe webhooks and I’m wondering, when I reach a point where I have thousands of users, will this negatively impact my Meteor app at all? What if the server is hit with 8 simultaneous hooks? Are they simply queued up waiting for a spot? Or does the Meteor server spawn off other processes to handle these?


I’m currently working through something similar with Mailgun.

The delivery webhook can pretty consistently crash the server when running through a few hundred emails, as it’s pretty easy to send a ton of emails quickly through the API. Granted, this is on a 512mb container, but it’s also just a few hundred webhook calls, so not really a viable solution moving forward, as the number of delivered emails scales.

I’m planning on polling for the delivered events, and keeping the hooks for things like opens, clicks, etc. (things that won’t be pouring in en masse).

If you need to do some quick stress testing – loader.io looks like it could be helpful.