APK generation problem and Google Maps


Hi there,

I was trying to build an apk from my current meteor project. Yet after following each step on this site

it only outputs a tar.gz file of my project in the specified build directory. Where do I build an apk here?

Thx a lot for any help here!


Did you add the Android platform to the project (meteor add-platform android)? Are you able to run the app on an Android device or emulator?


Now getting

meteor install-sdk android

Installing Android bundle
✓ A JDK is installed
Installing Android Platform tools

throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event
Error: write EPIPE
at errnoException (net.js:905:11)
at Object.afterWrite (net.js:721:19)

What’s this?


I skipped

meteor add-platform android
The Android platform is not installed; please run: meteor install-sdk android

cause I have an android-sdk installed already. Maybe that’s the issue here


I skipped (and executed, but canceled)
the sdk installation, cause I have an android-sdk already ::: is this interfering here?..


Yes, the current release version of Meteor expects to install its own version of the Android SDK.

You might be able to run it using a global Android SDK install by setting the USE_GLOBAL_ADK environment variable. Try USE_GLOBAL_ADK=t meteor run android to see if this is working for you.

However, the Cordova version we bundle has fairly specific requirements, and error reporting isn’t very good, so you might run into trouble when you use your own SDK.

If at all possible, I’d advise you to wait just a little longer for the public release candidate of Meteor 1.2, which includes an updated version of the Cordova integration that should fix these issues. Among other things, it works with your existing Android SDK install by default.


Thanks a lot. I managed to get it packed and running on Android… yet there is no map displayed.

I am using a v3 - google maps … like here http://meteorcapture.com/how-to-create-a-reactive-google-map/

Chrome on Android is working fine. Is it because Android SDK only supports v2 of google maps? Cordova?


Found the missing parts!


to mobile-config.js and it’s all for good! Thanks a lot. Closing.