Apollo and mobile data persistence

I’m experimenting using react-native with Meteor via the increasingly solid react-native-meteor package.

I’ve haven’t been able to figure out a particularly good way to save minimongo/collection data to AsyncStorage, and then when the native app is loaded restore/rehydrate said data and re-sync with the server state and new incoming collection data.

Does anyone have a method that has worked well for them?

With Apollo coming down the pipeline is there anything to look for there?

Did you have any luck with this? I’ve been hitting dead ends.

No not really. I found some people experimenting with minimongo cacheing efforts that could presumably be adapted to push something into AsyncStorage.

I didn’t go down that road any further because no one else seemed to be going down it either.

Going down the redux path is much more promising since there are already libraries like https://github.com/rt2zz/redux-persist