Apollo: context.userId is empty after Accounts.createUser()

I can’t understand why context.userId is empty after Accounts.createUser(). In my apollo-meteor app on client:

    const user = {
        email: form.values().email,
        password: form.values().password,

    Accounts.createUser(user, (e, r) =>{
      if (e) {
      } else {

After this, I have an apollo query on my index route / with a resolver:

    user(root, {id}, context) {
      console.log(id, context)
      if (context.userId === id) {
        return context.user;

And it seems that after redirecting with browserHistory.push('/') context is empty, but after reloading the page it sends me back a proper userId. I even tried to set up a timeout before browserHistory.push('/'), but of course it didn’t help. Any suggestions hot to fix it? I guess I have to ask the graphql server to reload context after successful Accounts.createUser and I tried to google it, but completely unsuccessful.

I think the best course of action would be to file an issue on the Meteor integration:

Have you tried testing for the existence of localStorage.getItem('Meteor.loginToken'); to see whether it’s been set in order for meteor-integration to send the meteor-login-token as a header on the GraphQL operation?