Apollo graphQL not working on custom port 8080 on cloud9

Hello Guys!

I am struggling with getting any apps that’s uses graphQL to work on a custom port or ip so even when using apollo +meteor or even nodejs and graphQL

It throws always an error on the client saying failed requesting the ip which is the localhost on c9 but I mean it should be possible to any custom port and ip as it is done with a normal meteor app that just uses mongodb and or react!

Thanks so much

I can’t seem to get cloud9 to download material-ui or react for some reason. npm install doesn’t work, nor does meteor npm install.

outside of cloud9, the code works 100% fine locally and on galaxy

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sorry to tell you but all of what you said work on c9 everything like npm and node!

and it has even a NVM which lets install a specific node version!

like nvmp install 4.1.1 and one second it will install it

it is so fast but it seems I had some issues getting graphql working there :frowning: