Apollo node versions supported

Apollo works fine in Node 4, and even 0.10.

Then you might consider updating the part of the docs where it states otherwise :slight_smile:

For the remainder of this guide, we’ll assume that you are familiar with using the command line of your operating system and already have Node 5 and npm set up for your environment.

Also, while I have your attention: The examples show a lot of stuff for queries and insertions/updates. But I wasn’t able to find what the syntax is for deletions.

Thanks, will fix that.

There’s no special syntax for deletions, they’re also just mutations. Think of mutations as any actions that update the global app state.

They are exactly like Meteor methods - you just call the database inside and do whatever you want.

Yes, I thought as much but that still does not help me with the syntax question?

Currently, the docs are a bit all over the place - it doesn’t even explain properly what a “mutation” is in the first place, i.e. it does not explain the terminology.

Here’s a list of my problems - some of it may be included in the docs but if so, it’s not immediately visible.

For instance, there’s no actual sketch of the syntax for a query - there are examples, yes, but no “what goes where and why” part. Okay, maybe one has to turn to some GraphQL site for that - but if so it should be listed prominently somewhere.

Then there’s this: http://docs.apollostack.com/apollo-client/core.html#mutate

“A bit verbose”, okay, but again, there’s no real explanation of the underlying structure - yes, the examples make that mostly clear - but I’d like some kind of reference where I don’t have to separate the example data from what I need to change every time.

Also, the ideas of here’s a Github repository and have a gander at it, again, it’s nice. But it forces me to step through directories to make sense of what goes where and the reasons for it. It’s also missing a bit of: “Okay, when you want to do this you add that to yonder file.”

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I like the idea but at the moment I’m a bit daunted.

As a counter example, here’s what Microsoft did to explain how to use their Azure Mobile Service - a Step-By-Step tutorial which, while giving you a template to download, explains exactly which files are changed / added to at which point and why.

This is a technical preview intended for people who are already familiar with GraphQL. The getting started content for using it will come later. The library is not currently stable enough to be positioned as a solution for anyone but extreme early adopters.

Okay, then you can take that as feedback. But seriously, forgot to include the link to what MS did - maybe you get some ideas?

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I really like the flow chart format! Super easy to follow, we should definitely do something similar!

In the meanwhile, I’m working on the first-ever example app, so that should be a good base for some tutorials down the road.

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