Apollo package v5 suggestion

Apollo package had recently released a new version (v4.2) which mainly updated the included @apollo/client package.

I have prepared a PR for what should become v5 of the apollo package.

A bit more detail is in my recent dev.to article:

The short version is I’m proposing to take @apollo/client npm package should be taken out of the apollo Meteor package and make @apollo/client a peer dependency to be installed independently, like you do with jQuery and Blaze.



I think this should be the default for all meteor packages revolving around npm packages.
Also, any idea concerning the @apollo/server@4 integration ?
@apollo/server@3 is officially deprecated.

Is there something specific that I have missed in @apollo/server@4 that still needs addressing? The apollo package doesn’t really deal with the server.

You can see a sample initialization in Meteor here:

With Meteor v3 having express in core it will become a bit easier.

Connecting an express instance to the WebApp module isn’t explicit in the given exemples / documentation !
thanks for the link, solved my issue :slight_smile:

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