App.accessRule and external app


I am trying to allow my mobile app launch external app,app’s schema and host is “sh1” and "appUse"
I added these code to my mobile-config.js

App.accessRule('sh1://*', { external: true });

but it dosen’t work.


note:mobile app run on android


The docs don’t mention the forward slashes .

tel:*, geo:*, mailto:*, sms:*, market:*

Could that be making a difference?

Oh and isn’t the object supposed to be: launchExternal not external?


I check the config.xml in folder appfolder/.meteor/local/cordova-build,cordova have generated this expression:

<access origin="sh1://*" launch-external="true"/>

so I think either external or launchExternal is OK,
and about slashes,I tried “sh1:*”,but still not work…