App crashing with "Evacuation Allocation failed - process out of memory"

So recently (on friday/saturday) one of our services started crashing pretty randomly, sometimes it holds for an hour, sometimes it crashes after 5 mins. The problem is, that kadira is showing only 100 Mb of memory usage, no spikes in method calls or sub calls.

At first I thought it’s a sub issue, so I have performed lots of optimalization (mem usage used to be around 250 Mb) but the server still crashes with “process out of memory”. I have tried to reinstall the server from scratch, but that did not help either.

Current setup:
DO Droplet with 1Gb of RAM/20Gb drive
Ubuntu 14.04.3 x64 (v15 is not supported by MUP, crashes on node.js install)
Deployed with MUP

What should I do to find out, what method/pub/process is killing the server?

So obviously with enough memory (4Gb) it just hangs and does not crash.

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I have the same error. Anyone can help?