App deployed on galaxy breaks, hard to debug

I don’t know if anybody can possibly help with this, but I have an app deployed to galaxy, and a certain process that used to work, and still does on my development server (even when run in production mode) suddenly breaks.

There is a cryptic stack trace in the console, but the code is too obfuscated to make any sense.

Is the standard-minified removing all symbols/function names? How would one approach a resolution of this? Unfortunately I pushed several new versions of code before I noticed this behavior, so there really is no easy way to roll back.

Exception from Tracker recompute function:
Error: Bad index in range.getMember: 0
No message (1)
getMember — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:25255
(anonymous function) — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:26073
nonreactive — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:11766
changedAt — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:26068
(anonymous function) — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:24583
forEach — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:18323
p — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:24578
(anonymous function) — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:24514
nonreactive — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:11766
(anonymous function) — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:24496
_compute — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:11664
_recompute — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:11677
_runFlush — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:11731
e — 078d296f5eabae1f40f0f65a5531e04f4604ba77.js:125

Maybe this helps?

Check the stack trace, there is the same bad index error.

Thanks for the tip, but I don’t sort in descending order. However, for some reason I have reactive:false in my find options on the client. When I set reactive: true the error goes away. Odd, needs more research