App deployed on saying it's connected when it's not

Hi, I am deploying my app to using the usual “meteor deploy” command and I have added a little UI indicator to the app to show the status of the connection using Meteor.status.

The status indicator does seem to work fine - when the app is re-deployed, it goes through the various states as you would expect. But during normal operation of the app, every now and then seems to go down while Meteor.status() still reports it is ‘connected’.

I am currently using the following code to get the status for the UI indicator:

Tracker.autorun(function () {
    var status = Meteor.status().status;
    console.log("** STATUS CHANGE: " + status);
    Session.set('connectionStatus', status);

Is there anything else I can check to get more detailed information about the state of the connection or should this be enough?

Turns out this is only an issue on I set-up a Modulus instance and everything is fine on there, so lesson here is to not use for anything other than… well for anything really.