App did not working behind certain WIFI

Hi, we have just deployed a site for our client. But too bad, the who company could not load the site, but only seeing the ‘loading…’ text (by iron-router i think). Anyone has any experience on this? I tried on my workstation at work it loads no problem… :frowning:

If the application is stuck on the loading screen, then maybe the DDP connection can’t be established.
Ask your client if they have any restriction on their network (wifi router or others) that could block a websocket connection.

Same situation for a client, we open websocket on local network and all works fine :wink: ck client firewall.

The add in the proxy from the telco then they can access it now. But I really doubt why this could happen, is that mean who ever use the site might have the same issue, you cant ask your user to set proxy in order to use the site… :frowning:

How to open websocket? Same thing above, we cant demand user to change their setting to use the site right? :frowning: