App freezes after Accounts.setPassword()

Hi, I have a react app and when a user changes their password, we call Accounts.setPassword(). After this, the app just freezes and does not return any more data to the frontend and I have to refresh to get things to work again, and the user is logged out this point. I’m not sure why – it seems in the meteor/examples/parties app, this does not happen. Appreciate any thoughts on how to debug or handle this.

Running Meteor 2.6.1 – will trying updated to latest Meteor next …

Did you use the 3rd param for the function (set to false). I think this function is meant for an admin to change/overwrite the password of a user while not being the logged in user. For a user to change own password, there are other flows such as Accounts.resetPassword or Accounts.changePassword.

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