App gets error when updated to 1.8.1

I updated app from to 1.8.1 but get an error when running app.

W20190603-18:13:44.840(1)? (STDERR) TypeError: Cannot read property 'constructor' of undefined

W20190603-18:13:44.843(1)? (STDERR)     at exposeSubscription (packages\meteorhacks_meteorx.js:61:41)

This is the meteorhacks dependency


├── accounts-base@1.4.4 (expanded above)

├── chuangbo:cookie@1.1.0

├── deps@1.0.12 (expanded above)

├── ejson@1.1.0 (expanded above)

├── livedata@1.0.18 (expanded above)

├─┬ meteorhacks:meteorx@1.4.1

I removed and re-added staringatlights:fast-render which updated the package to the latest (3.2.0) but I just got a different error when I launched the app.

(STDERR) Error: Cannot add a subscription: categories without FastRender Context

W20190603-18:24:56.640(1)? (STDERR)   at Object.Meteor.subscribe (packages/staringatlights:fast-render/lib/server/ssr_helper.js:11:9)

So in the end I reverted to prior version.
c:\meteor\projects\myapp> meteor update --release

Anyone seen this issue or similar?

Would be good if there was some way that meteor could work out the runtime dependency issues before performing an update.

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See the meteorhacks:meteorx bug report. That package is no longer maintained but there are details in the bug report for switching to a newer fork which is compatible with 1.8.1.

Also see the Meteor pull-request which caused this (and other) problems with 3rd party packages.

Not really Meteor’s fault - these 3rd party packages were using Meteor’s undocumented internal data structures, which then broke when Meteor made internal improvements. Meteor was aware of these issues before the 1.8.1 release and by then upgraded 3rd party packages were available for these known issues. I did suggest that these issues should be mentioned in the release notes, but that didn’t happen…

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@wildhart Thanks for info. I think you are right in that meteor should do a better job of calling out known issues for a release. I have had issues in the past and raised similar concerns about lack of info. I am a little ‘update adverse’ now so I think I will stay at version at least for the time being.

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A lot of Meteor packages are falling out of date with the newest Meteor. Some now completely break Meteor. Remove that package…

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i also had to revert to

i did not found the culprit (i have various old 3rd party packages) but i experienced, without any error messages, that some subscriptions, which are still working good when remove or insert, are no more reactive in case of update

@fg1, it sounds like yours could be caused by the same change making peerlibrary:ractive-publish fail to see updates to queries inside reactive publication functions. You have the exact same symptoms as I reported here.

This has since been fixed so try updating that package.

@wildhart thx for the info

bad luck for my case its not this package, i don’t use it, neither meteorx

also i’ve tested 2 weeks ago, probably another package have the same issue, i will wait more to test again