App icon missing in ios multitasking using meteor 1.3

Hi. Im developing a meteor phonegap on ios. In mobile config i put all my icons por splash, app icon, etc. When i try my app on device a notice that icon for application is right… But if i do double click on iphone home button for enable multitasking view the icon is the icon of meteor… Not my app… Why?

You need to make sure that you create all the app icons (varying sizes) and then use mobile-config.js to define each of the available icons and the where they can be found. Your mobile-config.js file should include this…

  // iOS
  'iphone_2x': 'resources/icons/120x120.png',
  'iphone_3x': 'resources/icons/180x180.png',
  'ipad': 'resources/icons/76x76.png',
  'ipad_2x': 'resources/icons/152x152.png',
  'ipad_pro': 'resources/icons/167x167.png',

  // iOS Settings
  'ios_settings': 'resources/icons/29x29.png',
  'ios_settings_2x': 'resources/icons/58x58.png',
  'ios_settings_3x': 'resources/icons/87x87.png',

  // Android
  'android_mdpi': 'resources/icons/48x48.png',
  'android_hdpi': 'resources/icons/72x72.png',
  'android_xhdpi': 'resources/icons/96x96.png',
  'android_xxhdpi': 'resources/icons/144x144.png',
  'android_xxxhdpi': 'resources/icons/192x192.png'

I think it’s the small ‘settings’ icons that need to be included to make it appear in the multitasking panels. It seems to be a smaller sized icon.

Here is a link to all the various icon sizes that you will need (includes android sizes) and here is a link to all the launch screen image sizes. I typically just copy those folders over and start replace them all with my own icons/launch screens.

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