App not working after being deployed


I just deployed my app ( www[.]webmill[.]eu ) and am getting the following error in my browser’s console:

Error: There are multiple templates named 'velvet'. Each template needs a unique name. 1b1a247fc034d5089f331ec9540138ff6afd5f39.js:75:306

I checked but I don’t have any duplicates. It was working perfectly fine before deployment but now, on desktop, I only get the initial full background image without being able to navigate anywhere on the page. Also I can put anything in my url like so : and it will still display the same thing. It works as intended on displays under 1070 px width.

meteor packages I’m using:

Any suggestions/help will be much appreciated!

Try meteor run --production on your local machine. Same error?

Yes, same error and same behaviour.