App Refreshes For Every Galaxy Container

I use Galaxy with anywhere from three to eight containers and I notice after an app update or changing the amount of containers, my app will repeatedly refresh the seemingly exact number of containers I have. And it will often keep doing it several times upon returning to the app over time. It doesn’t just do it once. But once it refreshes it’s fine, it eventually stops.

I adjust and play with containers a lot so I imagine this is annoying and confusing to my users. I’m still on Meteor 1.2.

Anyone else experience this?

No one? Maybe I should update my Meteor.

Not sure if this will address your use case, but we use the following code to prevent refreshes. On the user’s next visit (or manual refresh) they will get the newest version of code.

// client.js

Meteor.startup(function() {
  // Disable auto-refresh
  if (Meteor.isProduction) {'getGalaxyVersion', function (err, res) {
      if (err) {
      } else {
    Meteor._reload.onMigrate(function () {
      return [false];
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Hmm… I’ll give this a shot. However, I see the refreshes even when I don’t have a code update. It happens when I change container quantities. Maybe this will help reduce them. Thanks.