App structure, and jQuery plugins/third party libraries

Hi all!

First post here from a Meteor noob, so please be kind :smile:

So, I’m thinking about how to structure my app, and more specifically I would like to know where the most suitable place would be to put a jQuery plugin in. According to the docs there’s the client/compatibility folder and the client/lib/ folder. The documentation is a bit fuzzy on the definition of the various folders, such as the compatibility one - what is the definition of a “compatibility JavaScript library” for instance? There’s also one comment in the docs regarding the compat folder saying “legacy libraries that expect to be global”. This, at least to me, hints that only stuff that’s supposed to be phased out should go there.

And also, apart from the .js file, a plugin often depend on other files such as images and stylesheets. Should these go in the same folder as well?