App structure question



I’m really new to Meteor, if someone can suggest me a better way to go, it would be great.

What I’m trying to achieve:

/ - index page, few words about the service. I must have big “CREATE TASK” button on main page.
/guid-goes-here - unique page with a certain task. Example:

When I click on “CREATE TASK” button on the main page, new unique task should be created. Identifier should be unique and secured, so it won’t be visible to anyone.

The idea behind the app: teams can create tasks and can discuss them. But if you don’t know the url of the task, you can’t access that. I need two pages: main with service description and task - the task itself where users can discuss these tasks.

Also I want to be able to create help/faq pages:,

Thanks in advance for reply

PS I’m not asking for code, just please suggest steps I need to follow. Thanks!


First of all you need some kind of router, like iron:router. To create GUIDs for your routes you can use a library like hashids or shortid. Then you can map your router path /:guid to your tasks collection.