App to showcase in Meteor website

Hello, I bulit an app that won in third place an international student competition last year, and it was entirely built with Meteor. As I like to contribute back to community and because I always see people arguing that Meteor is not investing in ‘marketing’, I’m wondering if my app is a good addition to the showcase session. Maybe it’s good to show that students can achieve nice things using Meteor. To me Meteor is THE BEST for hackathons and competitions, I actually won two local hackathons with Meteor and also this one in third place. I really want people to get to understand that Meteor is a great framework and is adaptable to many contexts.
Here some links to see if my app could add to the show case, it’s called CleanSea
Winners Site:
Github with code:


@thea, any chance this can go on the showcase list of apps?

@rsmelo, well done!