App tutorial problem

I am following the app tutorial but there is a problem, I have typed what is written on the tutorial exactly the same way (except the names that are slightly different) but I have an error. Here is my code:
import angular from ‘angular’;
import angularMeteor from ‘angular-meteor’;
import { Tasks } from ‘…/…/api/tasks.js’;

import template from ‘./todoslist.html’;

class todoslistCtrl {
constructor($scope) {

		tasks() {
			return Tasks.find{()};


export default angular.module(‘todoslist’, [
.component(‘todoslist’, {
templateUrl: ‘/imports/components/todoslist/todoslist.html’,
controller: [’$scope’, todoslistCtrl]

And this is the error that the Ubuntu terminal gives me:
While building for web.browser:
imports/components/todoslist/todoslist.js:13:21: Unexpected token, expected
; (13:21)

This means that they want me to type a semicolon after the “Tasks” so I have tried to delete the “find()” with AND without the semicolon. If I do that, it works but I can’t see the “Hello World” I have added before.

Can anyone help me please ?

look at your syntax : find{()} - find({})

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OMG I need new eyes thank you !