App very slow and not syncing


I had an app hosting at * Since this service is ends the 25th of march, I succesfully transferred my app from * to * (from Meteor Galaxy).

I had my app added to the Google Play Store, so I created an new production.apk with this tutorial:

I have build the app using meteor build ~/build-output-directory

The app is ment to add users to projects, send questions, and receive answers.

When I open the new APK file on my phone, I can log in. When I create a project, and add the logged in account of mij smartphone to it, I receive a push notification that I’ve got a new open project invite (as it should). When I accept the question, the app says I joined the project, while on my desktop I dont see any changes. When I restart the app, I have got the open project invite again, as if I still haven’t responded.

It looks like the .apk file on my smartphone cant communicate with the MongoDB, however I just created an account succesfully.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Have I deployed or builded the app the wrong way?


I just succesfully joined the project, and answerred a question. It’s like ‘sometimes’ the app can communicate with the MongoDB, and most of the times it won’t.

Where are you storing your Mongo database? Free Meteor hosting handled that for you, but Galaxy doesn’t offer a database so you have to use a different provider.

As meteor recommends: