Appcache has different cache sizes in Galaxy and local --production

When we look at the localhost allocation with --production the page does not exceed 4.5MB (withou tuning).

When we deploy to Galaxy, the allocation of the same code occupies almost double, more than 7 Mb.

We checked that the same resources have different sizes! We use chrome://appcache-internals/# to check it.
Is it a normal behavior? Do you know what the cause is?

Maybe @abernix?

Here is a meld comparision of both list that show differences with images, but it’s happening with all type of files, code included.


Nobody has any idea?

It also happens with the Meteor Todos example. We deployed to Galaxy and some code files, images and fonts have different cache sizes. It’s a small code, so the difference is only about 100 KB (in our app the difference grows to 2.5MB).

But it’s courious to look at each resource separately.


Is gzip enabled on galaxy hosts?


We think so, but we don’t see any option to enable it.
Do you know how can we enable it?

Well, if someone is interested, it seems that chrome shows a size that is not real when deployed. We don’t know why.