Appcache package : included by default?


It is unclear to me if appcache is installed by default in any meteor application that uses webapp package ?

The docs claims “To enable caching simply add the appcache package to your project.”

I am trying to cache assets inside the browser as my users visit my website a few dozens times per day and it will improve intial loading time


It is not included by default.

You can confirm this by running meteor list or inspecting the packages file in .meteor/packages

If you want to use the appcache package, follow the installation instruction it provides by running meteor add appcache or adding it to the packages file

Yes, thank you for your answer.

What I do not understand is why this is not a default package ? Caching meteor bundle seems to be an always good idea in a SPA application, no ?

Appcache (the technology) is deprecated:

Meteor has changed a lot since appcache was first introduced, and dynamic imports have largely replaced it (albeit with more work upfront).


Thanks for this reply ! It is clearer now !

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