Appcache too large

I am using Appcache and it’s reporting I have too large a cache

** You are using the appcache package, but the size of
** one or more of your cached resources is larger than
** the recommended maximum size of 5MB which may break
** your app in some browsers!
** web.browser: 10.6MB
** web.browser.legacy: 10.8MB
** See for more
** information and fixes.

How can I see what these files are? The largest files in my App are a jpg that is 100kb so this must be a module include. I looked around before posting obviously - and many others are reporting this on their builds with jquery with no solution available. I am running semantic UI and uniforms so could this be it?

The burning question is how do I determine what to exclude to get this size down? Do I have to pack things myself or is there a already available solution? (please excuse my ignorance here still learning all about the optimization side of things)


First of all, I think Appcache has been deprecated for a while. But first you might want to give bundle visualizer a look if something doesn’t pop out there.

Thanks, it is deprecated so I’m gonna pull it from my build. What’s the best practice for this now? I need to make my app as fast as possible