Application breaking in IE8. Tracker exception useless

My Application is breaking hard in IE8 but I can’t figure out what is actually breaking as Tracker keeps catching the exceptions and printing useless strings. When I try to debug it, I’m always too late and getting in “recompute” where the exception occurs. This is keeping my home page from even loading.

As a very serious question, how important is it to be concerned with IE8? Should I also be spending time trying to make my application work on IE8?

Is there a reason why your users would be using IE8 more than the equilibrium percentage?

What exactly is the exception you are getting?

The importance really depends on your specific application. Our owner has mandated that we continue to support IE8 so I must do so.

The ONLY text I am getting in IE8 console is “Unexpected call to method or property access”

It’s difficult to help with the specifics without more details, but I’ve had similar issues with older IE support in the past. I was able to leverage to work around these issues.

Imagine my frustration not able to FIND more details. I’ve had to take to using IE8’s WONDERFUL debugger and step through the code to find where it’s breaking. You know, since the tracker exception handling doesn’t log things in an IE8 compatible way so I can’t even find out what line of code threw the error!

I’m getting more than a bit frustrated with Meteor lately. Their support for IE 8/9 seems to be spotty at best, at worst it’s display only support and not any development tool support. You can’t log “objects” in IE8 for example. Also their CSS concatenation doesn’t take into account the 4096 selector limit for ie8/9 which is a limit that is easy to reach if you use a framework and don’t uncss dramatically.

I’ve had to add a manual step to every build which is REALLY BAD!