Application completely stopped working

Out of nowhere, my app this morning yields this error in the browser:

Jumping to this file/line, I see that it’s the npm sshpk package, specifically:

function Local(i) {
	return (asn1.Ber.Context | asn1.Ber.Constructor | i);

But the sshpk package hasn’t been updated since September, and things were working fine for me until this morning. Nothing else has changed… so this is really strange. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m going to try to clone this repo on my Ubuntu VM and see if the same thing happens there.

Got it. yarn was the culprit, installing things it shouldn’t have. :tired_face:

You ran yarn recently and it gave you an unpredictable result? Curious what happened, if there are any lessons to share.

For sure. Posting an issue in the yarn repo… I’ll share here momentarily.