Application crash on the ‘Todos List with Angular’ tutorial - Step 4

Hello Everyone,

I’m fairly new to meteor and have been following the tutorials provided on the website.

I’m at the part where I need to add an event. Here’s how my code looks like on the todoslist.js file :

import angular from 'angular';
import angularMeteor from 'angular-meteor';
import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';
import { Tasks } from '../../api/tasks.js';
import template from './todosList.html';

class TodosListCtrl {
  constructor($scope) {
      tasks() {
        return Tasks.find({});

  addTask(newTask) {
    // Insert a task into the collection'tasks.insert', newTask);

    // Clear form
    this.newTask = '';

export default angular.module('todosList', [
  .component('todosList', {
    templateUrl: 'imports/components/todosList/todosList.html',
    controller: ['$scope', TodosListCtrl]

When I start Meteor, I get the following error :

imports/components/todosList/todosList.js:55:7: Unexpected token, expected ( (55:7)

I have compared my code with the one on the repo, when I paste for example all the code from the same .js file on the repo, I don’t have the error. When take away all the non needed code for this part, I get this error.

I have reset meteor. Still, I don’t know enough to debug correctly this error.

THank you for your help