Application design question


I want to build a yet another chat application. However, I need 2 completely different views of it. All I want to do is share the communication channels. All the logic would be separate.
One view is for someone asking for help, the other is for a person to respond to one, or more, requests.
It would seem that I would need to define this as a series of different templates. However, Meteor would download them all, even though 1 view would never use the templates or logic, from another. What I am asking is if there is a way to define completely separate page views like with traditional node routing?
My take on it is that I can organize the templates and logic separately, but the whole lot will be merged and downloaded to the client.


Yes everything will be shipped with the client. This is fine though, you can just limit users’ privileges using some sort of roles system. If you really wanted to completely separate the 2 ‘views’, then you can make 2 separate apps and connect them to the same db (not as nice to develop with though).


ok, thanks for the reply