Application is too large (maximum 367001600 bytes)

Hola meteorites,

We have received this error while deploying our application:

Error deploying application: Application is too large (maximum 367001600 bytes). Consider moving static assets to a separate static hosting service.

We don’t have any images. We haven’t added anything heavy either. The only change we have done is adding 3 JS files of few KBs.

However, we tried upgrading v1.8 of meteor to latest version a few weeks back. That failed with issues. We left it as it is at 1.8 and started development on 1.8 itself. This is the first push after our failed attempt of meteor upgrade. Not sure if there is a connection. Kindly advise as we aren’t able to push anything, now.

Appreciate your advise, please?


That’s 367MB so there must be something included that bloats the bundle. When you run meteor build is the bundle also 367MB?

Try running: to get an idea of where the big assets might be located.

Thanks luc…We tried enabling it with cd/app and the response we get is
‘There is no such files or directory’

I am sure we are doing something silly here! Kindly advise.


Nope…We don’t have anything that big at all…
And we never faced this problem before since last 3 years.

Wonder how come this is happening all of a sudden!


Nope…We don’t have anything that big at all…

So what’s the exact size of the bundle, created by meteor bundle ?


Were you able to solve this problem? I tried the bundle visualizer but the size is only 3.5MB and yet
I still cant deploy due to size.


Hi, how did you resolve… I just started getting this?

I just did a meteor bundle and it looks like the mega folder is programs/server/npm/node_modules it’s like 1GB uncompressed… I am trying to trawl through to see if any stand out as big…

I see the largest ones…

11M	@firebase
 12M	pdfmake
 12M	watson-developer-cloud
 14M	vega
 19M	sharp
 32M	grpc
 40M	canvas
 49M	ace-builds
 73M	aws-sdk
 90M	googleapis
252M	puppeteer
322M	meteor

I did updates puppeteer the other day. Wondering if any tricks here?

update - so I ran meteor npm i --production and this reduced the size of the NPM by removing the devDependencies. so I got around this. any other tricks welcome