Application server architecture


We’re planning on changing our server architecture to be able to scale and also separate different services. Right now we have just one digital ocean server and we deploy the app using meteor up. We use compose for mongo hosting.

I have some ideas in mind:

  • Use @arunoda cluster
  • Docker, not sure if it could help me to deploy services
  • Make a simple shell node app to easily deploy a new service instance (create server, create user, deploy)

What I want is:

  • Be able to deploy and remove new servers really fast
  • SSL
  • Highly Available app
  • Compatible with CollectionFS

I’ve read cluster docs but I don’t get the DNS part, we need websockets so we can’t use cloudflare.

Can anyone help me with this, any experience with it?


You don’t need to use Cloudflare.
You can use any DNS provider.

You don’t need to use DNS configuration at all. It just an optimized version.
I know we need to have more docs.

Simply send traffic to one of you app’s services.
If you need to handle more traffic, add a couple of instances.



Right now I use nginx in my server for ssl and static assets. Can I use nginx with cluster?


(I posted a message on the wrong thread. It’s what happens when you switch from phone to laptop :blush:)


Yes. You can. That’s the idea.
We don’t do SSL and static file serving.


Thanks @arunoda,

I’ll try to setup cluster with a smaller app. I don’t know how to setup nginx so it works with cluster. If anyone has docs or help it would be great :smile: