Application Upgrade - Basics

Hi all,

The app i’ve been working on for a while is close to deployment (yay!). I’m super excited, but had a question.

What are best practises around managing app/db updates. I’m using a react-meteor-mongo, deployed on galaxy and using mlab for the db.

Clean update to app only should be fine (yay galaxy), but how do i do updates to db without blowing everything up? Pointers/links to pointers for concerns would be most appreciated.

Definatly check out Studio 3T, and application to visually manage your DB.

What kind of updates do you want to run on the DB?

You should be rigorously managing changes in your database through migrations. Migrations are run through dev and QA before running in production.

Check the percolate:migrations package - but there are many other npm migration tools you could also look at.

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much appreciated - will definitely check it out.

i’ll definitely have a look. this is basically what i was looking for. no chance you freelance is there :slight_smile:, or do code reviews? thank you very much for the pointer.