Application use case and Scale issues

I have an idea of mine and I am grappling with the tech choice.

Ideally I would have native mobile apps calling the server for data and transactions and getting results from the db. I am thinking of having a web admin backend which would be accessed by a few people, say 50. The real read/write would come from the mobile apps which tie to this application. Please note that the mobile applications are not Meteor+codova apps or Native React + Meteor.

Is Meteor suited for a solution like this or I am better off using something else? When we talk of scaling issues, does this come into play if you have only one web panel instance open but 20,000 requests coming through the api endpoint via mobile device calls?

Are the scaling issues on Meteor still an issue or this comes down to code structure and how much pub/sub you use?

20.000 requests: per hour, minute, second? Are they requesting hundred of megabytes are a single field? … Very hard to answer.

For discussion purposes let’s say I have 10000 people using mobile devices all logged in requesting for data. I wouldn’t say it would be hundreds of megabytes per person, let’s say waypoints of a map.