Appointment Scheduling System

I’m currently working on a website for a client that offers pet services (i.e. dog walking, grooming, training, etc…). I need to add a feature that allows users to schedule an appointment. Most of the examples of packages I’ve found so far only handle 1 day or appointment at a time, but most customers schedule a week at a time. Right now I think using the Google Calendar API is the best way to go about it. But to make things more complicated, customers need to be able to pick which kind of service (event) they’re booking. Are there any other API’s or packages that I should look at?

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Yes Google Calendar API is the way to go and you will need to build your own custom package to handle these events and appointments…

Taking into account that you need a "“website” and not a web app, and just in case your client can afford it, Appointy offers the kind of functionality you need.
Check it out:

You can then embed the appointment calendar into any view.