Approaches to Deployment

Hi folks,

Initially we had planned to use Digital Ocean for our production Meteor application, electing to have the same app on multiple droplets, with one app for each customer. Each server would be self contained (meteor app, mongodb, domain name), and the Meteor app versions could drift between servers, as each client would have different needs with regards to when to update their production instance. Plus we like the added security of not having data comingled in the same database and not having to rely only on pub/sub rules for security (which an unintentional bug could easily undo and expose data).

Would something like this be possible in Galaxy (acknowledging that Mongo needs to be hosted elsewhere) and can anyone point us to the relevant documentation on how something like this could be achieved? I did read the deployment guide but felt it was specific to one app per container, so seeking some reassurance. I am guessing in our case, each app would have its own container that is deployed to using the domain name and its own settings file pointing to its corresponding Mongo instance on an external service like mLab? So, if I had 50 customers, we would have 50 containers? Also, would something like this be easily manageable or does the cons outweigh the pros in this instance?

Happy to clarify further and any assistance / insights / recommendation is appreciated.

P.S. Been using Meteor for a year now but this is my first post - which is probably a testament to how easy it is to find information about Meteor and how to get diy unstuck, as I am by no means a professional or highly experienced developer.

Iā€™d like to restart this topic if I could

I am looking at going through a deployment of an application I have been building. I would like this to be as easy as possible as I am new to Meteor and just kind of need a jumping off point.

Is using MongoDB atlas for my Mongo server and Galaxy for my application all i should need to get it up and running? From the guide it seemed like I should be all set with these two, but any advice from someone more experienced would be appreciated.

This pretty much covers it completely


Start to Finish that took about 30 minutes to get done, that is pretty painless.