Apps not connecting to server


I built a meteor app and released it with cordova to both android and ios. I added an ssl cert to my server, changing the port from default to 5000 because let’s encrypt required the use of 80, and now my apps can’t do anything that requires a call to the server. I don’t know where to begin to debug this.


Did you make sure that the server is working fine?
What happens when you go to


sorry just saw this.
no it won’t connect when I add the port to the end of the domain.


Well maybe it’s a problem from the configuration of your server

or maybe, as it was my case once, a problem coming from the network you are connected from (I was in a boarding school where only http ports were open), but I think this is less likely.


I am pretty sure it is a problem with the nginx configuration after I installed my ssl certificate with let’s encrypt.
When I was installing it a friend helped me and said let’s encrypt had to use port 80 and I needed to change ports. So I set my mup file to port 5000 and in the nginx config I added proxy_pass
now my ios and android apps won’t connect to the server. If I swap back to using port 80 or no port at all then the website doesn’t work.


Try to fix the nginx configuration first, and after you make sure it’s good, then deploy your app and see if it’s working.
To do that, I suggest that you deploy a single web app with mup, and then check if is working, if not, see what’s wrong wih nginx config