April 30: all apps deployed to meteor.com are crushed


So, almost all of my apps deployed to meteor.com are crashed now though everything was fine yesterday. I found the error “Could not locate any valid servers in initial seed list” in logs. Guys, check yours. Am I not alone?)

[Solved] April 30: Issues when deploying to new meteor.com subdomain

Same thing here, thanks for the alert.


I also have this problem, too; however, it is only for one site. It was just working like 2 hours ago.


I thought that was some problem with my code but then checked other apps, so it is clear that problem is with mongo on meteor server. Hope they will fix it soon, cuz I hold a workshop in few hours:)


I suppose they have many servers and only a part of them is touched by that problem.


Same problem here with some of my apps, I’m currently also unable to deploy new apps… Is there somewhere with some actual information about the meteor.com infrastructure, maybe contact info etc? The only things I’ve found so far are about the meteor deploy command, and that it’s free. :slight_smile:


Same problem here, but only for one app, the others works great; I thinks that the problem came form my code but no beacause I deployed again my code and I can’t get access to my site www.tagsira.com !!


yes, shit happens.
but it is free)))


btw for my workshop I decided to go with nitrous.io (some temporary way at least)


Nice to see I am not the only one.
Have already placed a question in stackoverflow.(http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29969413/meteor-crashes-after-deploy)


evrthing works ok now