Architecture advice for mobile app with web admin UI

Hi guys,

What would be a good architecture for a cordova mobile app that uses the backend a bit but also has features that needs to be reached with an admin user that can manage the system via any web browser?

Obviously the backend is common for both the mobile app and the admin UI but I don’t have clear in my mind what are the architectural options and its conveniences/complications.

Can 2 Meteor apps share the same backend? or share the same mongo db? if so how?

For a first demo I’m going to use Accounts and a route admin/ restricted to login via iron:router config but I’m looking forward for other solutions.

Advice appreciated very muchly

Yes, many applications can share the same mongo instance.
You’ll need to specify the MONGO_URL when starting your apps.

You can use the cluster package for service discovery between the apps, among other great things.

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Sounds really good!

I saw the Cluster package being flagged, do you know why? is currently really broken or is that a false positive?

You need the meteorhacks:cluster, not the deprecated aronuda:cluster.