Are "is X dying?" posts dying soon?


They seem to pop up faster than new JS-frameworks…

Time for a Community Fork?

is this reply dying?


I keep having the idea of starting a parody Twitter account where I screenshot google trends of popular frameworks when they happen to trend down that day and post “is X dying?”


This is some quality meta.


ɐʇəɯ is dying …


I can tell you with certainty that “is X dying?” posts are alive and well, you have but to merely search for them. And if you personally feel there are not enough, you’re welcome to contribute your own. Stop with the FUD already!



Using state of the art machine learning tools and the latest in JS-tech I’m sure we can automate such an account! Forum and Stack Overflow sentiment analysis using the latest Google DeepMind beta should sort out that issue :smile:


I know you’re joking, but that sounds kind of fun to build…


Actually shouldn’t really be that hard :slight_smile: Machine learning / data mining is oversold as a “rocket science”-profession. Sure. The whole neural network thing kinda is(It is also super-overrated for 95% of what ML should be used for). But ML in general is far simpler than most people think. If you have a decent understanding of bayesian statistics, you should be good.

If you understand Bayes’ theorem you already understand an ML algorithm called Naïve Bayes. Which is most likely used in your spam filter. Basically. If an email contains the word Viagra, then it has a higher likelyhood of being spam. Shocker… I know!

I highly recommend looking at tools like KNIME. Almost drag and drop ML. Sure, you should be familiar with python or something to process the data, but it’s actually not that tricky.
Source: Master’s thesis in text plagiarism detection using various machine learning tools.


Of course these posts are dying. The future is: “The future of X and Y” posts.


This post is so 2013.