Are meteor requests isolated?

Hi, I have an i18n mechanism, that is not thread-save. So when one user gets an i18n’ed message, the system just sets the language to that user’s language in the 18n module. So does every user have their own module state? Or is a module’s state global for all the users?

Is it a client or server module? If it’s client, then each user would have their own. If it’s server, it depends on how it’s designed.

It’s a server module:

const state = {…}
function get(keys) {
// look up keys in state
export { get }

If it’s some server-wide storage that all clients read, then it sounds like that would be the language set for all clients.

Why don’t you just test it with several clients and see what happens?

On server you need to fetch the user doc and check the user’s language (which you have to imement to be set of course) and then dynamically translate based on this language.

Another approach is to never translate on server but send only i18n Id codes and translate them on the client.