Are there alternatives to upgrade MongoDB to 3.2 in order to user LEFT OUTER JOINS?

The problem I am trying to solve is the following:

  • There is a “Place” entity which refers to a location
  • There can be many Accounts or zero Accounts associated to a Place ( foreign key relation)

We need a left outer join. Meaning that as an output of my query, I need for each place to have an “accounts” field which will be “null” if there are no accounts associated, or the accounts associated to that place if there exist.

MongoDB 3.2 supports left outer joins with the “lookup” aggregation operator.

So I am considering upgrading to 3.2 in order to achieve the above. Yet I am still very new to non relational DB. Therefore: Does anyone have a better way to suggest me than the left outer join that would be more “MongoDBish, meteroish” ?